The follwoing general categories brefily explain G-Scan functionality on different vehicles. For an in-depth review of diagnostic coverage on each specific brand, please refer to the menu on the left.


DTC Read and Erase

GScan Fault Code Reading Menu

Gscan can read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), show the status of the fault code (Permanent, Intermittent, History,...), show the freeze frame data, and erase the code to turn off the warning light. For more information regarding each brand please use the links on the left menu.



G-Scan Live Sensor Display

 Live Sensor Data

Data Analysis shows the current value of all sensors connected to each ECU in both numerical and graphical formats. Using the stylus pen, you can write and save your own comments  (memo mode) in both formats for future reference. For more information visit the coverage table for each vehicle brand from the left menu.





Flight Recording

G-Scan Flight Record MenuSensor data can be recorded and later viewed and replayed from Flight Record View section on Gscan or transferred to your PC for a more precise analysis.





G-Scan Advanced Function, Programming, and Coding

This is where the full power of G-Scan is unleashed. Advanced programming functions like key coding, ABS air bleeding, steering wheel calibration, G-sensor zero point programming, airbag ECU initialization are part of the extensive coverage Gscan offers on different Asian car brands. For more information on what exactly is supported on each brand, please visit the specific support table from the left menu.

G-Scan Special Function and Coding Menu


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